I have a major a confession to make. I am slumping. If they had senioritis for real life, this would be it. I haven’t been to work for three days, granted I have been sick, but I probably could have made it to work today. My body and brain would have hated me, but I could have struggled through it. As it is I am sitting in Chris’ calculus class and my brain hurts. I just had my calc midterm right in this class…so maybe I don’t have to feel guilty for feeling sick. I hate that I feel guilty for not working because I was sick. Guilt gets the best of me, even when there’s nothing to be guilty about.
My body, mind, and camera cannot wait until summer. The idea that I will be free to do what I want is exhilarating, but the whole unemployed thing scares me to death. I haven’t been unemployed since 2006 and even then I had a job lined up within a month of leaving. I know that it is best for me to leave, if I want to graduate I need to get out of there, if I want my body to stop hating me, I need to leave. The only thing that is getting me through the slumpiness is that I can finally work on me and the million things I love to do.
My mind has been churning and all these ideas are all coming out and I think that there is major potential in the success of these projects. I just need to come up with a reliable and talented support team. I am hoping that I find the right people.
So let’s hope the slump ends and I can push through the difficult school work and the tiring work work.


*What’s a blog without a photo? I’m not the only one that is slumping, so are my Dodgers. Andre Ethier is still cute despite the slump.*

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