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Hanging out with Anakin

November 23, 2010

I asked him what he liked, and he said “Pennsylvania” and when I asked him why he liked Pennsylvania he said, “Because theres aminals,” and that about made my day.  Anakin is one of the brightest 4 year olds I have ever met.  He’s inquisitive, thoughtful, self-reliant, and patriotic.  He kept me on my toes leading me from one slide to another.  Anakin is very expressive, determined, and he has a vast vocabulary.

He had a little cold that day.

He told me this was his sad face.

Anakin’s a sliding machine.

Anakin had the best facial expressions.

“Daddy can you kiss it?”

Chrs (Anakin’s dad) and I went to high school together and we even went on a trip to Europe with some other people in our grade in 2000.  My favorite memory of that trip was when Chris and I made wishes at the Trivi Fountain.  We decided on the count of three to throw our coins behind our backs into the fountain.  1…2…3, we threw our coins in and apparently we weren’t the only ones that were counting because as we threw our coins, Chris got hit in the eye with somebody’s coin.  One of my favorite stories to tell, I had to add it in this blog.


Keith + Stacy

November 21, 2010

It was a case of mistaken identity.  She thought he was someone else and to her surprise he was not who she thought he was, but he turned out to be what she was looking for.

I’ve known Stacy since I was in elementary school.  She has always been a big sister to me and I was beyond thrilled when I found out that she had met someone who made her so happy.  It is so heartwarming to see how Stacy and her son Nathan have extended their family to include Keith and his son Jeron.

When Stacy asked us to photograph their wonderful family, I felt honored that she asked us to share this time with her happy family.

Here’s the slideshow!

Sneak Peek: Laura + Danny

September 18, 2010

We had such an amazing time shooting a portrait session for my friend Laura and her boyfriend Danny.  We had a ton of fun in Newport Beach and I couldn’t wait to share a few of the images.  I’ll blog the session real soon!

Stacy and Sean

May 7, 2010

I met Stacy last year when she started working in the classroom across the way from mine. She’s wonderful at what she does and as stressful as her job is, she always does it with a smile. In the last year Stacy and I have become good friends as we spend our breaks together and text each other with little bits of news in our day. We share the same guilty pleasure in wedding magazines and makeup. We both share our silly fears of birds (hers) and rabbits(mine). I am incredibly grateful that I have made such a good friend at work, someone that I can vent to when it’s a particularly hard day, and someone to just chat with.

It’s Stacy’s easy going attitude and love for fun that makes her a perfect match for Sean. The two of them met in high school and shared a little spark. But as things tend to do so in high school, that spark fizzled. It was fate that brought these two together, well fate disguised as Myspace. With small conversations here and there the spark that fizzled came back. Between late night rendezvous at the park and the ultimate friend test at the desert, the two of them found themselves falling in love. Four years later the two of them are still in love and have become the perfect match. I feel very lucky to be able to spend time with both of them and capture some of their love and share it with others.

Here’s the slideshow.
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