Hanging out with Anakin

I asked him what he liked, and he said “Pennsylvania” and when I asked him why he liked Pennsylvania he said, “Because theres aminals,” and that about made my day.  Anakin is one of the brightest 4 year olds I have ever met.  He’s inquisitive, thoughtful, self-reliant, and patriotic.  He kept me on my toes leading me from one slide to another.  Anakin is very expressive, determined, and he has a vast vocabulary.

He had a little cold that day.

He told me this was his sad face.

Anakin’s a sliding machine.

Anakin had the best facial expressions.

“Daddy can you kiss it?”

Chrs (Anakin’s dad) and I went to high school together and we even went on a trip to Europe with some other people in our grade in 2000.  My favorite memory of that trip was when Chris and I made wishes at the Trivi Fountain.  We decided on the count of three to throw our coins behind our backs into the fountain.  1…2…3, we threw our coins in and apparently we weren’t the only ones that were counting because as we threw our coins, Chris got hit in the eye with somebody’s coin.  One of my favorite stories to tell, I had to add it in this blog.


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