Goodbye 25

This is officially my last hour of being 25.  Goodbye early twenties, hello late twenties.  When I was younger, on the day before my birthday I would write about everything that happened to me in a year of my life.

At 25, I started a new school full of a lot of changes, it’s been a difficult transition, but I’m almost used to it.  Did I still want to be in school at this age? No, but I’m okay with where I am because I know it’s going to lead me to bigger and better things.

I decided to make some bold career moves, and I’m still trying to make bold moves.  I was thrilled to hear Jasmine Star speak at Cypress College, which motivated me much more to do what I’m doing.  Chris and I also had the pleasure of attending the ShowIT Freedom Tour and being in the presence of some very talented people.

I lost my grandfather earlier this year, and it was one of the toughest times  in my life.  I still see him in my dreams, at the store, and I still look for him at parties.  Life still feels weird without him.

I made and lost some friends this year.  It’s opened my eyes to some things about human nature, and I learned a lot about others and I learned about myself.  It”s been painful, especially the last few months, but I’ve learned that I’m a stronger, more mature, and more level headed person than I used to be.

I celebrated 5 years of friendship and love with Chris and I am so glad that he’s still a part of my life.  He still makes me laugh and smile like no one else.

I spent my last 25 year old day getting a hair cut, getting my eyebrows threaded, shopping, and getting a massage.

So goodbye 25, hello 26.

My new birthday haircut.


One Response to “Goodbye 25”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Hi Cowsin,

    Congratulations… you survived your early 20s… Go for your dreams 🙂

    You ultimate favorite cowsin,

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