Bieber fever

So I’m sitting here looking up YouTube videos and I remember the first time I saw Justin Bieber on TV, they mentioned he was discovered on YouTube and then I thought nothing of it.  Then a few months later this kid is everywhere, I mean he’s so big that he’s got mega haters out there.  Everyone wants to make fun of this kid, from his hair to his songs to his voice.  I’m not going to hate on Justin Bieber for a few reasons.

1.  He is in fact, just a kid, and a successful one at that.  So I’m not going to hate on him because he’s young and rich and famous.

2.  I know when I was 13/14/15 I thought I was in love with whoever I happened to have a crush on, so no it’s not weird that this kid sings about being in love.  Isn’t that a big part of being a teenager was about, figuring out what love was and falling in and out of love?  So why is it weird for this teenage boy to sing about love?  And if anyone liked J’Son’s “I’ll Never Stop Loving You”, you can’t hate because that was a cheesy mushy song about being in love and he was a teenager too.

3.  Michael Jackson didn’t have a masculine voice…EVER, but he was still amazing.  Let’s also link point number 2 to Michael Jackson, he was just a child singing about girls and love…again..still amazing.

4.His hair, we all have had bad hair.

5.  He’s talented, plain and simple.

So hate on this kid for silly reasons, but he’s got talent like it or not.  Here’s a video of Justin Bieber before all the Bieber Fever.

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