Not Too Old

Sometimes I feel like I stop myself from dreaming for fear of failure or fear of being foolish.  But I think you stop yourself from growing, stop yourself from moving, stop yourself from believing.

This weekend Chris reminded me that it’s okay to dream, whether they’re large or small, achievable or seemingly impossible,  funny or serious.  They are my dreams to have.

Here are a few of my dreams:

1. Have a successful photography business.
I’m working on it, but I have a lot to work on, a lot to work for, and I need all the help I can get from family, friends, and strangers.

2. Be part of the Dodgers organization.
Over the last couple years I have been thinking about how amazing it would be to work in the Dodgers organization.  In a perfect world I  could have Jon Soo Hoo’s job as well as work closely with Ned Colletti, Kim Ng, and Joe Torre.  So if any of those lovely people happen to find my blog, I’d love to work with you someday.

3. Be a part of a musical production.
I love theater and everything about it.  I would love to be able to be a part of a show.  If I had unlimited funds I would fund/produce a show or 2.

4. Be a philanthropist much like George Steinbrenner.
I love helping others and doing things for others.

While I may not reach all of these dreams, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming them.

I may not be a philanthropist like George Steinbrenner, but the lack of money is not going to stop me from helping others.  For now, I’ll take season tickets to the Pantages and the Dodgers.

With much debate and temptation, I have decided that I am going to start a new blog.  It will document my love affair with the Dodgers and my take on baseball and things such as the trade, fair weather fans, use of the designated hitter, and I hope to feature other baseball lovers on my blog.

As for my photography dreams, they are within my reach, but not without a little help from our friends.


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