Vote 4 Yoo

Chris and I had the pleasure of taking photos for UCI student Megan Yoo last month. Megan is running for Division 6 Director on the Board of Directors for the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC). Besides being confident and a great candidate for this position, her true passion is water.  Her love with water sparked with a visit from Rickie the Rambunctious Raindrop in elementary school and it grew from there.  She truly loves all aspects of water and understands how amazing water is. We need more people taking charge of the community who truly care for their position and what it would mean for others, so please take the time to Vote 4 Yoo. Learn more about her on Facebook. If she wins, maybe she will dress up as Rickie, the Rambunctious Raindrop 🙂 Well here’s hoping she will!

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