Happy Place: Dodgers Stadium

I was on the elliptical the other day and as my legs were trying to push through that resistance, sweat was pouring down my face, and my arms were pumping, I started to laugh to myself.  When I’m working out it is amazing where my mind wanders, and for some reason it wandered right into one of my happy places.  This may sound incredibly silly to you, but my happy place is Dodgers Stadium.

I grew up a Dodgers fan, thanks to my mom.  I liked the Dodgers as a kid and even when I stopped following baseball I still wanted my Dodgers to win.  Amazingly enough my first real Dodgers game was only 6 years ago and I remember it well.  It was the Dodgers vs. Rockies and the game went into extra innings, I witnessed a Grand Slam, and I got to see Eric Gagne pitch.  Since I had such a memorable first game, I wanted Chris (a total Yankees fan) to experience what I did.  So last season, with our good friend Katee, we ventured to the ravine and watched as the Dodgers worked over the Cardinals.   Ever since then we’ve been hooked.

There’s something about baseball and the Dodgers that makes me sentimental.  I love hearing the voice of Vin Scully on my TV, spotting Tommy Lasorda  watching the game,  singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the 7th inning stretch, and watching as the starting lineup is introduced and runs out on the field.   There’s no better feeling than watching your team hit a home run to get in the lead (and shut up the annoying Giants fans in front of you) and give high fives to complete strangers who are for a brief moment your friends because you share in each others joy.  I love standing up in solidarity as we wait for one more out to close out the game and singing I Love LA as “Dodgers WIN!” flashes on the boards.

So in my stressful world where I have very little time to myself, I workout and laugh as I think of one of my happy places.  I think of how excited and happy I get when they play “Ironman” and Jonathan Broxton comes running out of the Bullpen and they show an amazing reel of how awesome he really is.  Although, you should hear my Jonathan Broxton version of Iron Man, I think it’s better.    So I laugh because it’s probably one of the most random thoughts, but hey whatever makes you happy!

Ironman Jonathan Broxton!

When the Dodgers win, check out Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier (with Reed Johnson).

Probably the hottest thing in baseball.

It worked, turned this Yankees fan into a Dodgers fan.

This is my Blue Crew!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s that work so hard to give their children a good life and simply just give us all their love.

Thanks mom for giving me one of my happy places.

❤ Kimberly

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