Keeping It Real

On Thursday, I had one of those moments, a click.   It was like you could feel yourself approaching a turning point.  That’s what I had.  It was quick and felt impulsive, but as I called Chris on my way home from work I said, “I don’t think I want to work there next year, in fact I’m pretty sure.”  It just came out of my mouth, I didn’t really think about it, it just came out and I didn’t feel like shoving it back in, trapping it into my brain and saying “Whoa there, wait a minute.”

For the past four years I have been working at a school, being a teacher’s assistant for pre-school.  I’ll be completely honest, my first year I loved it.  It was fun, it touched my heart, and I felt like I was making a difference.  As the years have passed I still like it, I had a few moments that touched my heart, but less and less I feel like I am making a difference.  I love kids, no doubt about it, but working there for four years has taken a toll on me.  This year has been especially difficult.

This last school year was my first at Cal Poly Pomona and it sure was different from Cypress College.  A huge campus (hello hills, hello nice legs),  the quarter system (Physics in 10 weeks, YIKES!), and a whole 20.7 miles vs.  4.1 miles commute from home (605 and 10 = TRAFFIC).  Because school was so far, class times are so limited, and things go so fast, I have struggled.  Yeah, I admit it, working full time(ish) and going to school full time and trying to do things that I love has become difficult.  So I have been forced to cut out things that I love, which I hate.  My schedule currently has worked out like this:

8 – Work

3/4 -School

9ish (pending traffic) – Gym

10:30 ish -Home

Add into that equation tutoring, studying, homework, and I find myself a very busy stressed out girl.  I wanted to fit some of the things that I love back into the equation.

When I found out that there would be a Photo Expo at Cypress College with very fabulous speakers, I knew I had to go.  In the last couple years I have felt like I had been at a standstill with my photography and there was something about this event, this opportunity, that I knew could change things for me.  With a little hassle from my “boss” she reluctantly let me have the day off, but it was that moment that I knew things needed to change.  I understood where my “boss” was coming from, but I felt so restricted in my life, especially with this job.  It was my intention to go part-time for the purposes of school, and it was something I had been mulling over for months now.

That small exchange with my “boss” was what led me to my conversation with Chris.  It was time to get up and move forward.  Night Spot Photography was created in 2006 and it was now 2010 and we were not much further than we were then.  In the last year I had made strides towards a different style and left behind the night life.  This was my opportunity to make things happen, to make things work, to pursue what I loved.

At the photo expo I had the amazing opportunity to listen to the fabulous Jasmine Star speak.  She had so many wonderful, inspiring things to say.  Let me just tell you, I have been following Jasmine Star’s blog for a little over a year and I absolutely adore her work and most of all her personality, which she uses in every way to market herself.  When I saw online that she would be a speaker at the Photo Expo, I knew I needed to be there.

One of my favorite messages of the day was “KEEP IT REAL.”

This is exactly what I am doing now, I’m blogging and I’m keeping it real.  Chris and I aren’t perfect, far from it, we have flaws, some major some minor, but they make us unique in who we are.  We are unique individually and as a team.  I have the pleasure of doing what I love with the person that I love and that is amazing.  So this first blog is about keeping it real, being who I am, which in the last couple of years I have avoiding putting out there on the internet.

But here I am, giving it out for everyone to see.  Here I am, here we are, and here is what we do.

I have challenged myself to take my camera with me more.  Here are some pictures I took yesterday:

Jasmine Star’s Ghetto Fabulous Marketing

Jasmine Star

Ruckus, our silly ol’ dog.

❤ Kimberly

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